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Your Essential eCommerce Marketing Calendar[Free Download]


The top brands in eCommerce know that every holiday is an opportunity to drive sales. We're well into 2020, but as restrictions lift around COVID19, and a new dawn breaks into the New Normal, maximise your use of upcoming holidays to drive business forward. 

Knowing your key dates throughout the year puts you on the front foot of potential ecommerce opportunities. To save you time, here's a detailed 2020 eCommerce holiday marketing calendar so that you can start planning your campaigns well in advance.

Add these holidays to your promotional calendar next year (for best results, stick to the ones that align with your buyer personas) for a seriously profitable 2020/2021.

Jump to these sections:

Q4 Apr-Jun 2020 Holidays

Q1 Jul-Sept 2020 Holidays

Q2 Oct-Dec2020 Holidays

Q3 Jan-Mar 2021 Holidays


Q4 2020 Holidays

Apart from the seasonal shift and Easter, Q4 tends to be a quieter period with no "major" holidays. During this period competition is less tight, so it could actually be a perfect time for you to run a campaign.  

Major holidays in Q4 include:


April 1 - April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day is a chance for you to showcase your brand's personality and playful side - all in good taste, of course. For example, American Eagle ran a prank campaign on this day announcing a new "clothing line for dogs" aptly titled American Beagle. The joke was so well received online that they actually released a limited edition of American Beagle accessories, which were sold to raise funds for an animal welfare group. All from a little April Fool's prank! 

April 12 - Easter

While Easter may be a religious holiday, it's also a time people associate with spending quality time with family - and shopping! In fact, experts are predicting that Good Friday is becoming the new Black Friday in terms of retailer promotions. You could offer a special discount for Easter weekend, or run something more creative like an Easter Egg Hunt for a promo code hidden somewhere on your website. 

May 10 - Mother's Day

Aside from the gift giving, Mother's Day is a chance to showcase our sentimental side. Take this chance for your brand to wish wives and mothers everywhere a great day. 

June 8 - Queens Birthday [National except QLD & WA]

Our first public holiday in-light of the Covid 19 restrictions easing. Many retailers, restaurants and more will be up and running again in some capacity. It worth considering the effect of what an elevated public mood will have on consumer behaving, especially considering travel may not be on many peoples agenda.

Here's a more complete list of all the holidays and fun days of celebration in Q4, 2020:



Apr 1

April Fool's Day

Apr 3

World Party Day

Apr 10

Good Friday

Apr 11

National Pet Day

Apr 12

Easter Sunday

Apr 13

Easter Monday

Apr 25




May 4

Star Wars Day

May 5

Cinco De Mayo

May 8

World Red Cross Day

May 10

Mother's Day

May 17

World Baking Day



Jun 8

Queens Birthday Holiday
[National except QLD & WA]

Jun 17

Tour De France Day

Jun 28

Happy Heart Hugs Day

Jun 26

International Take a Dog to Work Day

Jun 30

Social Media Day


Q1 2020/21 Holidays

By Q1, you should be starting to gear up for Q2 and brainstorming new ideas for how your brand can be discovered in time for the Christmas/end-of-year rush. 

Major holidays in Q1, 2020/21 include:

July - Christmas in July 

Also known as Yulefest or Yuletide, Christmas in July is celebrated in colder regions like Australia. People mainly use it as an excuse to see friends, family or attend public events, but there is also a commercial aspect to it as gift-giving becomes a more common part of the occasion. 

Sep 6 - Father's Day

Father's Day is another major shopping holiday, with an average of $12bn being spent on this day as people celebrate the husbands and fathers in their lives. Even if your products might not suit the niche, this is still a good chance to wish your customers and their fathers well. 

Sep 13 - RUOK? Day

Australia's RUOK? Day is a chance for people to check in with each other about mental health. This is also an opportunity for you, as a brand, to check in with your customers and to spread awareness about this day. This will be a big one this year with the fall out of COVID19, and an important one to get right. 

Here's a more complete list of all the holidays and fun days of celebration in Q1, 2020/21:



Jul 1

International Joke Day

Jul 7

World Chocolate Day

Jul 15

Give Something Away Day

Jul 17

World Emoji Day

Jul 19

Ice Cream Day

Jul 25

Wine and Cheese Day

Jul 25

Christmas in July

Jul 26

Aunt and Uncle Day

Jul 30

International Day of Friendship



Aug 7

International Beer Day

Aug 11

Son and Daughter Day

Aug 12

International Youth Day

Aug 17

Thrift Shop Day

Aug 19

World Photography Day

Aug 26

International Dog Day

Aug 27

Just Because Day

Aug 28

Bow Tie Day



Sep 6

Father's Day

Sep 8

International Literacy Day

Sep 13


Sep 14

Live Creative Day

Sept 19


Sept 21

International Day of Peace


Q2 2020/21 Holidays

Q2 contains a number of major shopping periods, It's also the time where retailers need to choose between participating in major discounting days such as BFCM or CF or protecting brand equity and pricing by avoiding these days. It isn't an easy choice to make when your direct competition will be participating.

Major holidays in Q2 2020/21 include:


October 31 - Halloween 

Halloween is a key time for costumes, decorations and all things social. Think about how your brand could run a 'spooky' themed sale on this date, but be wise with your messaging (i.e. avoid slogans like 'scarily low prices') as this could blur the line into tackiness.


November 29 - Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and very much about crazy sales/discounts. No matter what you sell, you can always run a promotion on this day because everyone is going to be in a shopping mood.


December 2 - Cyber Monday

An extension of the Black Friday craze, Cyber Monday is mostly focused on tech product sales but can be easily adopted by other eCommerce businesses to capitalise on the existing excitement of shoppers. 


December 25 - Christmas Day

Christmas is traditionally the biggest shopping holiday of the year, with Australians spending around $20bn on Christmas gifts for each other. Above all, use this day to promote the importance of showing friends and family how much they're appreciated. Since most customers need to buy multiple gifts, think about how you can make the experience easier by recommending gift ideas and upselling/cross-selling opportunities. 


December 26 - Boxing Day

Apart from the lead up to Christmas Day, Boxing Day is a huge shopping event. While the holiday itself is one calendar day, it's common for retailers to extend their Boxing Day sales by up to a week after the 26th as leftover stock is promoted through heavy discounts and sales. 

Here's a more complete list of all the holidays and fun days of celebration in Q2, 2020/21:




Oct 1

International Coffee Day

Oct 2

World Smile Day

Oct 8

Face Your Fears Day

Oct 9

World Post Day

Oct 10

World Mental Health Day

Oct 11

It’s My Party Day

Oct 29

International Cat Day

Oct 30

Checklist Day

Oct 31




Nov 1

World Vegan Day

Nov 9

World Freedom Day

Nov 11

Singles Day (China)

Nov 13

World Kindness Day

Nov 17

International Students Day

Nov 19

International Mens Day

Nov 20

Universal Children's Day

Nov 24

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Nov 27

Black Friday

Nov 30

Cyber Monday



Dec 14

Green Monday

Dec 15

Free Shipping Day

Dec 24

Christmas Eve

Dec 25

Christmas Day

Dec 26

Boxing Day/Cyber Boxing Day

Dec 31

New Year's Eve


Q3 2021 Holidays:

In Q3, some of your focus should be on post-Christmas sale retention. You want to re-engage with first-time purchasers from the previous year, and nurture them to become loyal customers.

Major holidays in Q3 include:


January 1 - New Year's Day

January is all about starting afresh. With New Year's resolutions in full swing, now might be a good time to think about how you can help your audience to solve a problem or better reach their goals for the new year. 


February 12 - Chinese New Year

Also known as Spring Festival, Chinese New Year (2020 - Year of the Rat) is the most important holiday in China and in Chinese communities throughout the world. This is a a key time for travel and purchases of clothing, electronics, home appliances and healthcare products as people look to start afresh in the Lunar New Year. 


February 14 - Valentine's Day

For the past 4 years, Valentine's Day spending has hovered around $20bn in the U.S. alone. While all the traditional spending on jewellery, flowers and candy are still widespread, millennials are also spending time and buying gifts for themselves, pets or close friends. This is a great time for retailers to run campaigns encouraging customers to show appreciation for their loved ones.


March 8 - International Woman's Day

IWD is gaining more and more recognition globally, and although many retailers may want to get involved, it doesn't always necessitate a campaign around products and promotions. Instead, this could be a chance for retailers to partner up with NFP's or other important groups and causes to spread awareness of the day. 


March 17 -  Click Frenzy

The first instalment of the wildly popular online mega sale Click Frenzy kicked off last year on March 17, 2020. We don't yet have a date for 2021, but have no doubt it will be on again, and when it does, with a record amount of revenue being generated year on year, this is a key time to build brand awareness and attract new customers to your business. Watch this space.


March 17 -  St. Patrick's Day

Millions of people celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and for most this is a fun occasion that sees a spike in demand for green clothing and accessories, party-themed products and of course, Guinness. 

Here's a more complete list of all the holidays and fun days of celebration in Q3, 2021:



Jan 1

New Year's Day/National Hangover Day

Jan 14

Dress Up Your Pet Day

Jan 17

Ditch New Year's Resolution Day

Jan 26

Australia Day



Feb 4

World Cancer Day

Feb 7

Wear Red Day

Feb 12

Chinese New Year

Feb 14

Valentine's Day

Feb 15

Singles Awareness Day

Feb 20

Love Your Pet Day

Feb 29

Leap Day



Mar 1

World Compliment Day

Mar 8

International Women’s Day


Click Frenzy Travel date to be confirmed

Mar 17

St. Patrick's Day

Mar 23

Puppy Day

Mar 24

Cash Mob Day


Grab the PDF version of this calendar so you can access it anytime:

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