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Why We're Not Celebrating "Australia Day"

January 26th - Australia Day - Invasion Day, Survival Day and Day of Mourning. Celebrating January 26th ignores the fact that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have lived on and continue to care for this Country for over 65,000 years.



We are listening, learning and taking action

alphawhale are committed to our reconciliation journey, and deeply value its importance to the future of the nation for all Australians. Our mission to become a purpose-driven agency that turns knowledge into action, creating real impact.


We aim to be better allies to advocate Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples on January 26th and beyond, taking a proactive approach for inclusivity and diversity within our agency. As we work towards our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), let's learn together. The following resources highlight small ways to make big, positive steps in the right direction - acknowledging, educating ourselves and supporting our First Nations People.






Website: Common Ground

Book: Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia

Documentary: Stolen Generations

Podcast: Frontier War Stories




Music: Indigenous Australian Music Artists

Artwork: ART ARK

Fashion: Clothing The Gap

For more ally-friendly ideas: Blak Business


Changing the date isn't the end game, changing the outcomes for our First Australians is. Just standing in solidarity is not enough. It's time to show up for racial justice. alphawhale is committed to doing just that. If you have any suggestions of how we can continue to improve our understanding and actions towards this movement, start a conversation today.

Emma Kelly
Emma Kelly
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Why We're Not Celebrating "Australia Day"

January 26th - Australia Day - Invasion Day, Survival Day and Day of Mourning. Celebrating January 26th i...
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