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Why go HubSpot? 10 reasons our team love HubSpot


Given that the marketing of today is completely driven by the customer, your business needs an inbound marketing software that can keep up with the times. When it comes to the best inbound software, you're unlikely to get past HubSpot.

Apart from being an all-in-one CRM, sales and service software, here are 10 more reasons in no particular order why the team at alphawhale use HubSpot everyday, and how HubSpot can help your business grow.

(Disclaimer: we are a HubSpot platinum agency and while HubSpot is our weapon of choice, we do work with clients across different platforms like Salesforce or WordPress. Whether you decide to use HubSpot ultimately depends on your time, budget and team preferences!)

1. HubSpot is built for inbound marketing teams.

HubSpot is built with inbound methodology at heart! It has all the tools to implement your inbound strategy in one place.  But if there is a missing feature that you need, it will most likely have an easy-to-use integration for another tool that will support your strategy. Our team loves that it’s built with marketers in mind - not all of us are technically skilled, so can appreciate that they have made all their features really simple to use. 

2. HubSpot is invested in the development of your team.

The team at HubSpot are just as invested in upskilling your team as you are. They provide an academy that will not only teach your team how to use their tools, but teach them various other digital marketing skills like SEO, writing, email marketing and social media. If your teams need extra one-on-one support or a quick question answered they do that also, using one of the most efficient live chat support systems we have ever seen!

Scrolling screen garb of all the HubSpot certifications

3. Invested in growing a support network around its partners

HubSpot hosts its big conference in Boston once a year and also conferences in select countries. We can’t all attend these, even though we want to, so instead we host local HubSpot User Groups. These are quarterly catch-ups with other HubSpot users to discuss new features, success we have had on the platform and of course, learn about what to avoid.

4. An easy place to build your personas

Instead of hiding your buyer personas away in a drive or somewhere no one can access, HubSpot really brings personas to life, making them an easy daily reference for the team. When we first set up HubSpot with personas, we bulk imported contacts and assigned the personas. But for ongoing work, we prefer to create an automation to automatically assign a persona as contact enter the database.

5. Simple steps to segment your database.

As marketers, one of the most powerful things we can do is segment our database so we can provide contextual content to our customers and leads. HubSpot makes this easy with their Lists tool. You can use Lists to segment customers by purchasing frequency, deal stage, event attendance... pretty much anything you can think of. You can then use this list for reporting, automation, and even to create smart content in emails or landing pages for an increasingly personalised experience. 

Screenshot of the List management within HubSpot

6. Social media all in one place

Rather than jumping between different social platforms, HubSpot lets you create and schedule all your social media posts (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) in one place. This means that you can also track performance and see reports across all of your social channels in the one place too. You can also reply to all those messages coming through all those separate inboxes directly in the one HubSpot inbox.


7. Drag and drop feature to create beautiful emails 

HubSpot email builder gives you multiple ways to build emails. If you have a developer, they can code you a beautifully on-brand email to reuse time and time again. Or if you don’t, a content creator can use the drag and drop feature to create that same beautiful email. The HubSpot email testing tool also helps you check that all your emails render properly across different devices and email clients - minimising the chance of bloopers and unsubscribes from emails that don't work correctly. 


8. Same drag and drop feature to build landing pages

Building your website and landing pages in the same system as your CRM gives you the ultimate insight into your leads. For example, let's say one of your contacts views the same landing page 3 times. You can then opt to send them that content as an eBook, or better yet automate an alert to your sales team to reach out and answer any questions they might have. 

9. Simple automation tool that removes manual work.

Using HubSpot's automation tool can remove a lot of manual work for both clients and agencies. The automation tool is a powerful feature that can send Abandon carts emails for eCommerce brands, change contact properties for sales team and even clean up your database for you, so all your healthy leads and customers stay highly visible in the system. At alphawhale we've lost count of the amount of automations we've set up and the amount of manual work these automations have saved us!

10. An insightful customer dashboard. 

The HubSpot dashboard keeps improving and evolving based on new technology, customer requests and integrations. Recently, HubSpot introduced new attribution models that allow teams to check in on campaign results. Through the customer dashboard, you can watch for things like database changes, customer engagement with emails, landing page bounce rates and much more. This lets you optimise your content to increase conversions (amongst other benefits).

And the last bonus reason to go with HubSpot?

They provide regular updates on all their latest and improved features, which helps keep your team ahead of the curve, and gives them easy access to a constant flow of new tools and tricks to improve the customer experience!

Feeling curious about how HubSpot can grow your business? Don't know where to start? Contact alphawhale today and find out whether HubSpot could be the perfect fit for your team. 


Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle
Patrick is our agile manager who loves jumping into HubSpot and getting stuff done. Could be looking at email performance or building a booking form. He believes that anyone can learn Hubspot!

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