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Keepin’ it local with Google Local Ads

"At this point, if you're not advertising on Google, you're not on the Internet".

This golden saying by our director, Nick Montagu, about the value of Google Ads in our eCommerce marketer’s dictionary guide, still rings as true as ever. 


We could go on and on (and on) about the power of online advertising through platforms like Google. Although Google can take your business’ advertising efforts far and wide, their Local campaigns feature helps bring leads directly to your storefront in the most streamlined way possible.


It's never been so vital to support local. Campaigns such as Chapel Street Precinct's 'Two Words. Support Local' are examples of how small businesses are trying to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once more brands tap into the importance of highlighting their products and services online, the more favourable outcomes become for everyone.  


The plain fact


Digital platforms and tools connect shoppers to local stores, and they won’t disappoint as 3 in 4 people who find local information in search results are more likely to visit stores. If your eCommerce store isn’t using Google Local Ads to leverage your search results, in addition to displaying the accurate information represented in the following infographic, time to start rolling with the times.



Localising your ads should be used to get your business ahead of the curve. Let’s get right to it:


Google Local Ads 101


If you’re not familiar with Google Ads, this guide helps understand Google’s online advertising program to get you started. You don’t need to be an expert to be successful with Google Ads! Although outsourcing the services of our agency (i.e. alphawhale) can ensure you’re creating better outcomes for your business. 


Local campaigns essentially allow you to promote your business across Google's largest properties, including the Google Search Network, Google Maps, YouTube and Google Display Network



Need more convincing?

These campaigns aren’t just great for online businesses who require visitors solely shopfront visits. In our trends of 2020 blog, we suggest if your business is omnichannel with physical locations then at the very least, you should be viewing your Google My Business listing with a solid local SEO strategy. This is still as relevant as ever, with Local Ads being a simple way to enhance your efforts.


Just starting? Don’t be intimidated by its range of technical terms and features! All you have to do is add a few lines of text, some assets, a bid and the rest is optimised by Google itself to help your users find you. Not to mention, you only pay for results such as clicks to your website or calls to your business. 



Getting down to business

Ready to get started? To access Local campaigns, you’ll need to have a Google My Business account connected to Google Ads. Active location extensions or affiliate location extensions can also be utilised additionally or as an alternative.


Google Ads loves local businesses, and you’ll love it back as it allows you to use their unique platform for geospatial marketing purposes to get more quality leads. It also makes it easier to collect analytical data which can be further to improve your future advertising and marketing campaigns.


No business can ignore the benefits Google Ads can give to their local visibility. Call out to the team at alphawhale if we can help assist with any questions you may have about increasing your business’ community engagement. 

Emma Kelly
Emma Kelly
No stranger to the digital space, Emma has diverse experience working across start-ups and established brand identities in social media and copywriting. When she's not developing innovative and worthy content, you'll find her fostering her creativeness through love for musical theatre.

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