Nick Montagu
November 7, 2019

29 digital marketing buzzwords you should know for 2020

It's hard to keep up with digital marketing buzzwords and many can be old ideas disguised as shiny new ones. But the ones in this list can actually help, so take these with you into the new ...
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How UTM trackers can benefit your next digital campaign

UTM tracking is one of the most accurate ways to monitor your campaign performance and ROI. Here's h...
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How to use your CRM data to improve your PPC results

Most businesses and PPC agencies aren't making full use of their customer data when evaluating and o...
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Customer acquisition vs. Retention: which is more important?

One of the greatest debates in sales/marketing is whether to focus MORE of your time, energy and res...
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4 mistakes you're making when attracting new customers

Customer acquisition is tricky to master, with plenty of pitfalls along the way. Avoid making these ...
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The most important customer acquisition metrics you should be watching

How do you know if your customer acquisition strategy is actually working well? Watch these metrics ...
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How to transform your customer acquisition strategy to win more customers

Want more high-quality customers? Here are the most important insights you should be incorporating t...
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The customer acquisition channels you need to be focusing on

Deciding on the right channels to reach your audience can be tricky. Here’s how to pick the channels...
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What your customer acquisition cost says about your business

Your business lives and dies by how many new customers it brings in. Let’s find out what Customer Ac...
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